Training Services

Air Affairs Australia has recently acquired Aerospace Training Services to further strengthen its position in Australian Aviation. This will allow Air Affairs Australia to expand their area of expertise and pursue more complex activities both within Australia and abroad. We will be able to offer future customers both product and qualified training that meets regulatory requirements heading towards our goal of providing customers a one stop shop.

We already have our first group of International students starting a training course in 1Q 2019 and it will also reduce Air Affairs Australia’s training burden by bringing staff training in house and much needed and vital training support to Aerospace Training Services.

Aerospace Training Services provide initial aviation training to young people through its innovative Higher School Certificate programs, aviation traineeships, external studies for long distance students and its apprenticeship training programs, and more recently the eLearning online platforms which allow even further flexible delivery options for students and employers.

Aerospace Training Services provides quality aircraft maintenance training from Pre-Apprenticeship level through to aircraft specific Types Courses. Certificate level range from Aeroskills certificate II through to Diploma level in Mechanical and Avionics. Aviation certificate III (specifically flight attendant training) and industry specific training including human factors, de-icing, refueling and life-support fitting.

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Air Affairs Aerospace Training Services