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January 2019 -Multiple State Fire Scan Operations

During the Christmas / New Year holiday break, AAA Fire scanning aircraft provided continued operational support in bushfire intelligence gathering.

Between Christmas and New Year's Day, multiple aircraft were placed on emergency standby due to extreme fire conditions in Victoria, NSW and Sth Aust. Fortunately the service was not activated. However the bushfire situation changed at the end of the first week of 2019 with more extreme fire weather, leading to multiple emergency fires in NSW, Vic and Tasmania.

During the following week, 4 firescan aircraft conducted numerous flights mapping active fires in all 4 states. Combined with the east coast flight operations was the deployment of Firescan 124 (VH-LPJ) to Western Australia.

Air Affairs has been providing ASIR services in Australia since 1994. In recent years, the company committed to developing and further enhancing the ASIR capability, specifically for bushfire and other emergency operations. With focus on systems developed for fast, high altitude platforms, the service provided now uses multiple Learjets as primary response aircraft backed up by Kingair B200's.

Fire scan operations