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April 2020 - Phoenix Jet used in HMAS Arunta Missile Firing

Air Affairs Australia (AAA) are pleased to have been involved in the recent successful missile firing carried out in Australian waters by HMAS Arunta.

The ESSM is a surface-to-air weapon that uses radar homing guidance to counter fast-moving anti-ship missiles, forming part of Arunta’s air defence capability.

AAA provided a Phoenix Jet Unmanned Aerial Target that was successfully launched and flown towards HMAS Arunta in order to emulate a realistic airborne threat.  During an attack profile that was flown, HMAS Arunta responded with a missile launch that successfully tracked and engaged the Phoenix Jet UAT.

AAA would like to congratulate Arunta’s Commanding Officer, Commander Troy Duggan and the crew onboard Arunta, together with Maritime Warfare Centre  personnel on this successful firing.

The Air Affairs Australia Phoenix Jet is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft that operates as an Unmanned Aerial Target (UAT) in support of the Australian Defence Force weapons tracking and firing programs.

The Australian designed Phoenix Jet is a fixed wing, small to medium size jet powered UAT capable of high-performance flight and manufactured exclusively in Australia by Air Affairs. The fully deployable Phoenix Jet UAT system comprises a mobile Launcher, Ground Control Station and Support Equipment. The complete system can be easily transported for operations at several approved ADF Ranges or can be adapted for shipboard launch at sea.

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