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January 2020 - Firescan Operations

Our Special Mission Firescan pilots, specialist aircrew, maintenance engineers and operations staff have been extremely busy over the Christmas/New Year holiday period with the current bushfire activity in several states of Australia providing Airborne Bushfire Reconnaissance services to the NSWRFS , CFA and QFES.

The Currowan fire came very close to the Air Affairs Flight Operations facilities at the Albatross Aviation Park next to HMAS Albatross but due to the efforts of the RFS crews our facilities were not damaged and operations have continued during the current bushfires.

Air Affairs Australia has provided Airborne Bushfire Reconnaissance services throughout Australia since 1994. Since it’s first demonstrated capability in the summer of 1994-95, the service has been used extensively in this unique role. Established as a crucial element in Bushfire intelligence gathering, Firescan captures line scan imagery of bushfire activity, delivered during both day and night-time flight operations, provide imaging of the ground, clearly defining active fire and burnt terrain through dense smoke.

Over the past week AAA have been providing support to the team at R+M Aircraft  Air tractors.

The Air tractor firefighter aircraft are currently being maintained by Statewide aviation during their local operations and AAA have been able to provided normal and after hours support through use of our facilities and manpower to help get the aircraft back into the air as quick as possible.

Firescan Operations Air Affairs Australia

Images taken from one of our Special Mission Learjet aircraft, Pyro-cumulonimbus clouds over the Currowan fire and active fire on the Central coast

Firescan Operations Air Affairs Australia

R+M Aircraft  Air tractors undergoing some mainteneace at the Air Affairs Australia facilites during the current bushfires in NSW