Underwing Stores Rack

The Underwing Stores Rack is a pylon mounted suspension rack classified as a 1,000 lb class, 14-inch rack designed to optimise aerodynamic drag characteristics. Sway-bracing is accomplished by standard screw and footplate installations in the sway-brace assemblies.The rack attachment to a pylon or adaptor fitting is accomplished by four bolts, 3/8” diameter. Permissible combined ultimate loads are 27,000 pounds per hook and 15,000 pounds per sway brace.

The rack consists of the following major items:

  • Sway Brace Fittings
  • Base Sub-Assembly
  • Cover Sub-Assembly

The two Sway Brace Fittings are located at either end of the rack. They provide the attachment points for the rack to the pylon or adaptor fitting and also sway-bracing via the four associated screws and footplate assemblies.

Air Affairs Underwing Stores rack

The Base Sub-Assembly houses the mechanical release mechanism which locks or opens the hooks. Both hooks are spaced 14 inches apart, and are connected to the Cross Link via the Bell Cranks. Movement of the Cross Link opens and closes the Hooks and this is achieved through turning the Engage Crank to open and the Locking Latch to close. Insertion of Safety Pin locks the Locking Latch in the locked position.

The Cover Sub-Assembly interlocks with the Rear Sub-Assembly and provides bushing for the ‘Engage Crank’ and Release Mechanism”. The cover also has a series of cut outs that allows access to the ‘Engage’ and ‘Release’ controls and ‘Safety Pin Hole’.