COVID-19 Policy - October 2020

Air Affairs would like to advise that due to coronavirus (COVID-19), our company has undertaken action to protect both customers, employees and visitors. We are doing so in line with health guidelines and with a focus on maintaining safe, responsible and continuous operations.

Our measures will evolve in line with state and national health authority recommendations and with consideration to contracted services, our suppliers and the health of workers.

Air Affairs has commenced a COVID019 strategy that includes:

  • Adhering to strict precautionary protocols for our employees with regards to working from home, meetings, travel, routine hand washing and promoting hygiene awareness.
  • Increasing the level of cleaning, specifically targeting disinfection measures across our offices, production sites and maintenance facilities.
  • Implementing thorough aircraft sanitization protocols.
  • Isolation of aircrew and maintenance teams to minimise exposure in the event of any Air Affairs member contracting COVID-19.
  • Applying screening measures for visitors wishing to access our sites. Therefore, visitors will be asked to:
    • make contact via email or phone ahead of their planned visit;
    • undertake temperature testing upon first entry to an Air Affairs facility each day.

Air Affairs maintains a detailed policy statement expanding on the above protocols which is prominently posted at the entrance of each facility. The company continues to focus on maintaining a safe environment and will continue to provide the standard of service that our customers expect. We will keep our customers informed of any changes that may impact on the product or service we provide due to COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support.