Company Profile

Air Affairs Australia Pty Limited a fast growing Engineering and Services company is a recognised provider to Defence and organisations that support target training worldwide, the company’s capabilities include:

  • Own and operate a fleet of special mission 30 & 60 series Learjet and Kingair B200 aircraft.
  • Manufacture, operations and maintenance of target towing reeling machines.
  • Manufacture and provider of aerial towed targets and sub- systems.
  • Registered Training Organisation.
  • Suppliers of MDI scoring systems.
  • Manufacture, operations and maintenance of target drone systems.
  • Service Centre for Breeze Eastern helicopter rescue hoists.
  • Modification of aircraft and special airborne equipment installation.
  • Manufacture of underwing pods.
  • Design and project management services.
  • Operations of airborne multi-spectral thematic mapping scanners.
  • Defence Contracted Services.
Air Affairs australia Technology Park