Phoenix Jet UAV Target Drone

The Phoenix Jet and Phoenix Jet II have been developed specifically for the Defence Industry as a high performance training solution for a variety of gun and air defence missile systems. The Phoenix Jet provides a realistic threat simulation and enhancements such as MDI, Smoke, IR and Luneburg lenses can be added to meet the requirements of a wide range of weapon systems.

Phoenix Jet System
Phoenix Jet UAV dimensions
  Phoenix Phoenix II
Airframe Composite Construction. Composite Construction.
Maneuverability 3g Instantaneous. 2g Substained. 3g Instantaneous. 2g Substained.
Maximum Speed 280 knots. 330+ knots.
Endurance 60 minutes. 60 minutes.
Range 100 km. 100 km.
Minimum Altitude 150 m. 15 m.
Maximum Altitude 6000 m. 6000 m.
Max Launch Weight 56 kg. 66 kg.
Max Internal Payload 3 kg. 3.5 kg.
Max Wing Tip Capacity 2 Flares. (per side) 2 Flares. (per side)
Power Plant 23 kg Jet Engine 40 kg Jet Engine
Launch System Catapult Launcher. Catapult Launcher.
Recovery System Parachute. Parachute.
Augmentation Luneburg Lens, IFF, Smoke, IR, Acoustic MDI. Luneburg Lens, IFF, Smoke, IR, Acoustic MDI.
Phoenix Jet Launch Air Affairs Australia
Phoenix Jet Target Drone launched off Air Affairs designed and manufactured launcher
Phoenix Jet in Flight displaying smoke trail
Phoenix Jet Target Drone in flight delivering a smoke trail for identification

Phoenix Jet Parachute Recovery

Phoenix Jet Target Drone recovery using parachute system