Miss Distance Indicator System

MDI Mini Marque

Portable Scoring Station for calculation and presentation of real time firing results from up to six targets simultaneously. Ground based or for installation in the towing aircraft. Windows NT based software with an SQL-7 database.

MDI Sector Display

Acoustical scoring measures the miss distance between a supersonic projectile or missile and a target.

Acoustical scoring can score calibers from 5.56 to 5” and missiles (need to be supersonic in the scoring area). Acoustical scoring can be used for all firing
situations i.e. Air to Air, Air to Ground, Ground to Air and Ground to Ground.

Mini Marque scoring stations are used for the collection, calculation, and presentation of real time firing results.

The new scoring stations Marque and Mini Marque can receive scoring data from up to six targets (MDIs) simultaneously. The software is based on Windows
NT including a SQL-7 data base. Features include: Up to 40 m scoring range and up to 6000 rounds/ minute.

The universal 12 sector MDI can be engaged from any direction. The target towing operator/UAV operator can offer any target courses during the same mission.

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Target MDI

12-sector universal MDI for hard targets and/or UAVs.