Special Mission Learjet 35A

Air Affairs operates a fleet of Learjet 35 aircraft to provide Jet Aircraft Support for Australian Defence Force training. Air Affairs firmly believes that having a common aircraft type is a key factor in maximising aircraft on-line availability, common spare parts, common pilot type ratings, check and training and approvals.

Ultimately this results in more consistent and safer operations. All aircraft are equipped with ADS-B, TCAS/RVSM and several aircraft are fitted with wing hard points and specialised mission systems.

Air Affairs’ Learjets are also capable of fire scanning and surveillance if greater speed or responsiveness is required in addition to the specially modified Beechcraft B200 KingAir.

Air Affairs Australia Special Mission Learjet 35A

Learjet 35A Special mission
Air Affairs fleet of Learjets have the following capabilities:
  • Corporate Charter - RVSM & RNP10 Compliant
  • Medivac Configured
  • Target Towing
  • Test Flying
  • Wing Hard Points
  • Cabin Console & PC Interface
  • Special Mission Wiring (data & power)
  • UHF Radio
  • Video Recording System
  • 4 Station Intercom
  • Camera Door
MTR101 fitted to Learjet 35A Special mission
Learjet 35A Special mission